Rev. Dr. Bertha Almeta Perkins Scholarship

Scholarship Applications are now open.

New Fellowship Baptist Church Scholarship Announcement 2022

Reverend Dr. Bertha Almeda Perkins Scholarship

New Fellowship Baptist Church

2022 Scholarship Application

Deadline: Friday, April 15, 2022

New Fellowship is accepting scholarship applications from the graduating high school class of 2022!

Scholarship Applicant Requirements:

The scholarship applicant must meet the following criteria:

A member of New Fellowship Baptist Church in Nashua, NH (NFBC), an immediate family member of a current NFBC member (parent/guardian or grandparent) in good standing, or a participant in NFBC ministries or programs.

Currently be enrolled in high school with satisfactory progression toward graduation in the year the application is awarded or already matriculating in college.

Submit the application by the prescribed deadlines set by the NFBC Scholarship Committee.

Applications are due by April 15th, 2022.

Awards will be made June 2022 upon review by the scholarship committee!

Contact the church clerk for a copy of the scholarship application